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Our People

Doug Bonnett

Store Manager - Natrona Heights

Doug has over 23 years of service in the tire industry. He specializes in both tires and wheels and is the Sales Manager at the Highland Tire Natrona Heights location. Doug is a TIA certified technician and we like to refer to Doug as "The Wheel Doctor". His favorite memories from work include Tire Rodeo's, Lernerville Nights and his Uncle's 40th Anniversary Party. You may catch Doug using one of his favorite sayings "Oil Up" when you stop in for your next visit. Doug proudly served our country as a 12 year combat veteran.

Shawn Creevey

Store Manager - Natrona Heights

I have been working as the Store Manager at the Natrona Heights Highland Tire location since June 2016. My favorite saying is "Taken Care of Business" "TCB" or "Cowboy up!". Eventhough I have been at Highland Tire a short time my favorite part of working here is meeting new friends (customers) and seeing old friends. I am looking forward to making many more memories here.

Alan Matta

Sales Manager - Natrona Heights

Alan has been a Highland Tire team member for 13 years. He is a TIA certified technician and Sales Manager for our Natrona Heights location. His favorite memory from working at Highland Tire is the 50th anniversary celebration. Dedication to exceptional customer service and his sales expertise are a testament to his favorite motto, "Eye Contact." Alan is an avid drum player in his spare time.

Anthony "Bubba" Signorella

Floor Boss - Natrona Heights

I have been working at Highland Tire in Natrona Heights for a little under a year. I enjoy slowing cooking different forms of meat on the grill for people. My favorite say is "Get busy living or get busy dying"... Shawshank Redemption.

Alan King

Salesman - Natrona Heights

I've been working at Highland Tire for 4 years. I am very mechanically inclined and I can fix anything. My favorite saying is "Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching." My favorite memories from working at Highland Tire are the golf outings.

Harry Hoffman

Store Manager - Tarentum

Harry has been with Highland Tire for 5 years, but has a total of 25 years throughout the tire industry. He is a TIA certified technician.

Bob Peterson

Assistant Store Manager - Tarentum

Bob has been in the tire industry for 27 years. He has a specialty in dirt track racing as well as tires. His favorite memory from Highland Tire is delivering tires for ten years. Something unique you may not know about Bob is he has never called off from work. Bob is a TIA certified technician.

Greg Fitch

Store Manager - Highland Integrity Alignment

Greg has been with Highland Tire for 11 years. He has a total of 16 years experience throughout the industry. Greg is a TIA certified technician. He is originally from Southeastern Ohio and moved to Pennsylvania 13 years ago. Greg feels at home here in Pittsburgh and is a big sports fan especially of the Steelers, Pens, and Pirates, more importantly he is a huge Notre Dame football fan. Greg recalls his favorite memories from work to be company golf outings and anytime the Highland Tire family gets together outside of work. His favorite saying is "Why fit in when you were born to stand out" by Dr. Seuss.

Chip Musloe

Operations Manager - Highland Integrity Alignment

I have been working at Highland Tire and Highland Integrity for a combined 13 years. My two favorite memories of working here are helping Butch open the Natrona Heights Store years ago and the Celebrating Highland Tire and Butch being in business for 50 years. My favorite saying is "Stop Whining!". A little known fact about me, I help raise money for 2 veterans groups. We sponsor the troops by riding for homeless vets doing motorcycle charity rides.